Bridal preparation, bridal makeup and how to look your best on your special day

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Bridal preparation, bridal makeup and how to look

Bridal preparation, bridal makeup and how to look


Bridal preparation, bridal makeup and how to look your best on your special day

This is a very important topic that i think every bride should know. we at The Beauticianchic hair and makeup studios will share with you step by step preparation,Bridal preparation, bridal makeup and how to look your best on your special day starting from the day you are  engaged. This also applies to anyone who is celebrating a special day and wants to look their best. But more especially brides, because it is  only ones in a lifetime at least for most people, its very important you look your  best .

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                                        STEPS TO FOLLOW FOR THAT PERFECT BIG DAY 

ENGAGEMENT :Now that your engaged its very important that you take your time to plan your wedding, especially if your not the president daughter and even if you are, you still need a lot of  time to plan and prepare yourself for that special day. You have a lot of planing which  can not be rushed.

HAIR: People often forget this, but as a bride you know your not going to wear a wig on that special day ,its very important you start growing your hair,taking  lots of vitamins for healthy hair growth.Either your natural or relaxed ,your hair has to be in its best condition so nothing will limit you  from your choice of hairstyle. Another hair you need to start growing is your eyebrow ,if you must pluck them, it must be just to tidy it up while still conscious of the fact that you need it groomed.

SKIN:check your skin of any imperfection and try to perfect them .If you have dry skin you know you have to be moisturising it daily  and for that very oily skin look for oil control lotions to start using ahead of time . For blemishes such as dark knuckles, darling you know you have to do something about it ,its soo embracing you receive your ring when all eyes is on your fingers with those knuckles especially if its very obvious.

EXERCISE :This really help you to be fit and healthy before the day and warms up your system. especially  if you need to loose couples of stones before the day.Or you need to work on some part of your body.

THE DATE:Now that you  have chosen your date ,make sure your date give you enough planing time .You must also make sure to consider the period of time i.e summer .you must also make sure its towards the end of the month or first week of the month when people will have enough money ,you know what i mean .This one is a personal preference but you shouldn’t choose your birthday or your patners birthday ,so you can have a different day to celebrate your anniversary.

THE CHURCH:In my opinion from experience ,for that perfect picture for years ,you really need to marry in a big church with the traditional church altar i.e like that in some catholic churches .it gives you another feeling when you walk down the aisle .It photographs beautiful ,when you look at your pictures you will cherish them .If your church is not like that  consider  renting  one and  taking  your pastor to marry you there . Unless if your wedding is the outdoor one.

CHURCH TIME : Its very important that you choose a  church wedding time that is going to give you and your bridal party enough time to get ready. Choosing afternoon time slot is more on the safe side so that you don’t run late to church .As running behind time can be very stressful and will show in your pictures. its very important you take note of this subject.

HALL/RECEPTION: Unless for personal reasons ,try getting a hall close to your hotel and church soo you don’t need to travel too far between church and hall to ease the stress of the day.Make sure your hall is big enough to accomodate your guest, you don’t want your guess standing and over heating your venue .You also want them comfortable as they come to celebrate with you.You also want to get a new modern venue that need minimal decoration and even when decorated will look fabulous.Book the one with a good changing room especially if you will be changing.Please do not change in the toilette or someplace with poor lighting.

HOTEL:There is nothing wrong with dressing from home but please if your family will be cooking at home ,get a hotel or otherwise your wedding dress will be smelling of food etc.You ned to book a hotel close to your church/registry  just incase your running late  , and maybe close to your reception also so you don’t need to travel far after a long wedding day .Make sure you get the one that is spacious ,with good lighting and dressing mirror  for your makeup.

GET SEPERATE ROOM FOR BRIDESMAIDS :This one is very important especially if you have too many bridesmaids ,get them a room or otherwise your room will be so crowded and you won’t even have space for good pictures.It might make you a BRIDEZILLA!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Remmember after the wedding is over, what you have to show to your children children, and to those who did not attend is pictures. Please do not settle for cheap photographers who will give you low quality pictures. You need a good photographer who will tell the story of the day through good quality pictures.

FOOD/DRINK/ETC: To save yourself the stress for the day please book a caterer, asking people to prepare food here and there to bring, is a no no especially for hygiene. you want to make sure all food is coming from the same source or from 2 0r 3 professional  caterers .  these will put your mind at rest so you don’t have to be stressed on the day. You also don’t want any  family member wakening up early in the morning to want everyone in there best mood on that special day.

WEDDING GOWN: Its very important to get your dream wedding dress but you must consider your height and shape when choosing your dress .choose one that best suit your body shape instead of just choosing a fabulous dress.its your day get the best.

WEDDING PANTS/BRA/DRESSING GOWN: Oh yes please get the sexiest and most romantic ones. Bra must be your wedding dress appropriate match . i.e handless etc.

TRADITIONAL WEDDING :This is very important if your wearing a traditional outfit ,colour choice is very important. You have to choose a colour that will suit you. Some bride don’t see their attire until they gets to the hall . Again choosing colour that will suit the type of makeup you want on the day . you don’t want to choose blue attire and you want to have a bronzy makeup look .your colour choice play a big role in your makeup choice . Another thing is to get the best fabric that you can get don’t manage on that day .And make sure you get your accessories   to match .

GELE: hmm what can i say ,get a good quality gele .Dont show your makeup artist some gele picture you want from the internet when you dint get the same quality as the person in the picture .it won’t work ,quality of gele matters a lot.

LEARN YOUR DANCE STEPS: Dont be a boring  bride ,learn your dance steps ,you don’t want your guest to outshine you.

LEARN YOUR PICTURE POSES : This is a very important one before your wedding ,you must be standing in front of the mirror and learning those pose. You need to get your best pictures  on that day.


  • TEETH WHITENING : A lot of people forget the teeth ,but its very important that your teeth is as white as it can be because you will be smiling all day and for that your beautiful pictures too.

  • FACIALS: Facials i think should be done at least a week before, so your skin have enough time to recover from any side effect that may occur .

  • PEDICURE: You want your foot ready too ,especially if your going for honey moon or wearing some open toes shoes.

  • MANICURE: Your nails is as important as your face for that ring .It very important you don’t go dramatic ,do simple and classic nails.

  • WAXING: Do your full body waxing and bikini waxing oh yes this is also very important for that romantic night.

  • EYEBROW THREADING: Ask your makeup artist before you do this ,some people prefer to do it themselves so they can create the shape the want to enhance.but if you do it yourself make sure you do it professional.

  • EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS: You need your lips fresh and soft ,use sugar to scrub your lips before the day .

PERMANENT EYELASHES:Avoid using permanent eyelashes on your wedding day .Reason is its distracting ,and while your eyeshadow is applied most fall out tend to stay there making your makeup messy on the eyes.Please avoid it ,you can go and have it after your wedding if you need it for honeymoon.

HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP/REST: its very important that you don’t look stressful on that day .Get people to do last minute runnings for you. Your face must not be stressed .this will affect your day considering its going to be a long day .

DO ALL HAIR INSTALLATIONS BEFORE THE DAY: Do not leave your hair fitting last minute ,you might get a headache

MEDICINE/EAT : I know most people forget about this one,  but in the morning of your wedding before you have your shower ,eat and drink some pain killers because you have a stressful day ahead of you .Make sure you do not eat the kind of food that will make your  stomach  big if your dress is fitted to the gods lol .

MAKEUP ARTIST :okay this is going to be a long one as its the most important ,after spending money for gown ,hall ,food ,dj , photographers, videographers  etc .please do not go looking for the cheapest makeup artist in town get the best because its very important you look your best.

 Get a good makeup artist, book yourself by paying part of your total money .Discuss the type of makeup look you want . You can have a trial if you want with them if your not sure , but make sure they don’t post it on the internet before your wedding ,your  wedding look is a secret ,no one must see it .make sure you leave more than enough time for your makeup .a good makeup can not be rushed ,it takes minimum of 1 and half hour .you don’t want to rush your makeup .On the day please be ready for  your makeup artist before they get to you .

while your makeup artist is applying your makeup this is what you must not do 

  • do not rush your makeup or your makeup will be untidy.

  • do not lodge in a hotel with poor lighting,lightining  is very important.

  • dressing room must be spacious.

  • stay in a quite room no distraction.

  • no kids running around no distraction.

  • do not allow some noisy friends  in your  dressing room.

  • no greeting everyone that comes  in they will understand your dressing up.

  • don’t talk, this makes you move ,you must be still.

  • do not smile or laugh or your makeup will crack.

  • do not squeeze ur face or makeup will crack.

  • you must obey instruction or your makeup will not be flawless.

  • do not try to move your eyes during eyelash extension.

  • do not allow water out of your eyes this will ruin your makeup.

  • when he/she say close your eyes do not try to open it.

  • do not pick up your phone get your maid to do it.

  • do not talk on the phone.

  • do not talk at all when eyebrow is in process you must close your eyes

  • do not carry baby on your lap especially a baby that is not sleeping  get a nanny for the day.

  • do not itch ur face let the makeup artist know if you feel itchy.

  • do not hold a mirror its distracting and annoying.

  • do not start recording video very distracting.

  • do not start asking question of everything your makeup artist is using   this is not a day to train.

  • do not keep saying sorry when you fail to obey because you should actually be sorry for yourself because your makeup artist had been paid.

  • do not take your  hand off your  gele holding process when the artist is tying until she say so.

  • try to take as many pictures   as you can with your makeup artist because your photography might not get a head shoot that show  your makeup.

AFTER MAKEUP: you must smile ,you must walk in style , you  must not blow your nose ,you must not itch your face ,you must not wipe your face with tissue etc when you sweat ,instead call your makeup artist for touch ups ,this is why you must book your makeup artist for the whole day .

DO NOT FORGET YOUR GROOM PREP :Men could be a bit laid back ,make sure you check them up and make sure they got all their stuff sorted. Because you want a perfect wedding and your groom should be picture perfect too

 I hope you find this article helpful

have a wonderful wedding

Any question about  Bridal preparation, bridal makeup and how to look your best on your special day leave your comments below


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