X-Pression Hair

X-Pression Hair:

X-pression hair is a product made by X-pression. The brand makes a range of weave-on and hair attachments for braids. The brand is well known for their synthetic hair of great quality.

There are different synthetic fibers used in their X-pression hair manufacture. Such synthetic hair has an advantage over human hair, and this is the fact that it is easily mass-produced in different colors and lengths.

What is X-pression hair used for?

X-pression hair  can  be used for a wide variety of hair designs such as braids and weave-on. The braids can be used to make large or jumbo box/individual braids, medium box/individual braids, small box/individual braids, cornrows, crochet braids, and kinky twists.

X-pression hair is used mainly by African American and African women with thicker and shorter hair. With it, they can fix a fuller and longer hair.


X-pression hair offers unlimited styling possibilities. Both the braids and weave-on can be styled into a short bob, curly and straight long. They also come in various colors and are easily styled.

X-pression hair  can  be styled by using varying degrees of heat. The hair is actually less glossy than Toyokalon. In certain styles, it can pass for natural hair. Some of the hairs are heat-applied and can be styled or waved. This makes it a viable and cheaper alternative to human hair and a natural look.


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Most used colors

The most used colors of x-pression are natural black and slight brown. These colors are the best since they match the natural hair color of most African American women.

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How to care for your x-pression braids

If you shampoo the braids, don’t add conditioner as everything you place on the braids builds up in greasy layers on your scalp.

Also, if your hair becomes wet, dry it out completely. If you don’t, it can cause the hair to start smelling and mildewing.

For weave-on, it’s essential to use hair oils and creams before styling so that the hair doesn’t tangle.

How long does it last?

Braided hair can remain shiny for at least four weeks, and the synthetic weave can last up to one month with proper maintenance.

Best place to get it fixed

A hair salon is the best location to get your x-pression hair fixed. They are skilled in fixing all kinds of weave-on, including sew-ins and weft hair. They also braid hair for their clients.

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Price range

The price range varies for the different types available on the market. Some can be gotten for up to $5, while others cost even more. Generally, it’s cheaper than human hair and looks soft and offers a natural look.

Different celebrities such as Beyoncé, Ciara, Alicia Keys, Solange and Keri Hilson have rocked x-pression braids on separate occasions.


x-pression hair x-pression hair x-pression hair

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