Foundation matching

Foundation matching

Foundation matching is a very important part of makeup application,because failure to match your foundation perfectly can ruin your entire makeup application .No makeup look good without that perfect foundation that match your skin complexion.



Even thou a lot of people still believe they don’t need to use foundation ,that foundation is designed for people with problem skin .The truth is,you don’t really need foundation but for that special day and for flash photography you do need a bit of foundation to be camera ready and for that needle free face lift. This is where foundation matching comes in.

When it comes to Foundation matching, you should own 2 shades of foundations, because not only that our skin colour changes from season to season.It can also help those who can not  find that perfect foundation  match. My favourite foundation has to be  from mac cosmectic because they have a wide range of colour  and textures to match different complexion.

Foundation matching also helps with 

  • pigmentation

  • redness

  • dark circle

  • spots

  • scar

 Factors to consider before choosing or matching your foundation-foundation matching. 

  • skin type-oil or dry skin.

  • skin routine -how you take care of your skin.

  • skin concerns-if your skin is prone to breakout.

  • skin complexion-the colour of your skin,olive tan etc.

  • undertone-if your red,yellow ,neutral undertone.

  • desired coverage-full ,medium,sheer.

  • preferred formula-liquid ,cream,powder.

  • finish -matte,semi matte ,dewy.

what you should know.

You should apply foundation on a clean skin ,moisturize and prime face before makeup oily skin should go for matte finish.If your skin is prone to breakout do not use full coverage ,but use full coverage and matte if you want your makeup to last all day and for flash photography .If your covering scars you need full coverage foundation. Not only light skin people have yellow undertone,you can be dark and have yellow undertone and vise versa. Please do not cake your face up if your skin  is almost perfect. No rubbing and touching face after makeup application, your makeup will not last .Always set your face with powder to set foundation and keep makeup in place.

How to foundation matching.

Apply a thin layer of 3 shades that are close to your complexion, apply them on large sections of the face. Or you can hold the bottle against your  face .But i strongly advice that you swatch it on your face, not on your neck or any other part of the body .Leave them to sit on the face and bake for about 15mins .Because foundations tend to oxidize and go a little darker after application .After oxidation choose the one that matches your skin perfectly. Make sure you match your foundation on  daylight.

concealers as foundations.

Concealers can also be used as foundation,especially because they also come in different formulae and can give even more coverage than some foundations. You can also use your normal foundation and a  lighter concealer to achieve a highlighted face.

Foundation matching-how to match your foundation

Note :it is very important that you exfoliate and cleanse your face if you use foundation regularly to avoid break out .And do not go to sleep with foundation on.

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