How To Use Ben Nye Banana Powder

How To Use Ben Nye Banana Powder

how to use ben nye banana powder

 Meta Description: How to use translucent Ben Nye Banana Powder on your face as a finishing, contour or regular powder.

How to Use Ben Nye Banana Powderhow to use ben nye banana powder

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Ben Nye Banana Powder is one of the best translucent powders in the world of cosmetics. It is a mild setting powder that has a touch of yellow in it. This makes it ideal when used as a concealer when used under the eyes. However, it is most commonly used as a contour powder.

If you have very oily skin, you can use Ben Nye Banana translucent powder all over your face to reduce the oily appearance.

How do you Use Ben Nye Banana Powder

 You can use this powder with a makeup sponge or brush. This gives your face a smoother feel. Ben Nye Banana Powder typically comes in jars with a lid (screw off). To use, pour a little of the substance into the cap. Dip the sponge in and gently apply it on your face to get the necessary effect.

How to Use Ben Nye Banana as a Contour Powder?


This powder can work well as a contour powder. It should be used during the final step of your makeup. It works wonders when it is used with a creamy and thick concealer. Use your makeup brush to apply it under your eyes as well as between your forehead. Let it set in for some seconds and dust off the excess afterward. You can also use it on the corners of your mouth and your cheekbones.

How to Use as a Finishing Powder?


Thanks to its dim finishing, you can use it as a finishing powder for your entire face. If you decide to use it as a contour and a finishing powder at the same time, you should use a lighter shade of Ben Nye Banana Powder for finishing. If you don’t use two different shades, the contouring will not be noticeable. Although women alternate between a makeup brush and a sponge, you should opt for a brush instead of a sponge as it will help the powder blend in giving you the effect of a light dusting powder. However, using a sponge will help it last longer on your face. You can also decide to use Ben Nye Banana Powder as a normal powder layer on your face without contouring or highlighting. Your face would simply glow; the choice is yours.

Who Can Use Ben Nye Banana Powder?


This translucent powder is almost colorless on your skin Irrespective of your complexion. Although the question remains ,how to use ben nye banana powder. I will simply say, It adds a shade of luxury to your skin because it blends just perfectly, providing a dim finish and a glowing complexion. Any lady looking for that untraceable extra glow can use this powder. However, if the Ben Nye Banana Powder doesn’t blend into your skin, you can use any other one in the Ben Nye Luxury Powder collection.

Ben Nye Banana Powder is efficient for covering dark circles on the face and especially around the eyes. It is presently one of the most versatile translucent powders on the market.

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