How To Use Sacha Buttercup Powder-REVIEW

How To Use Sacha Buttercup Powder: 


How To Use Sacha Buttercup Powder

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For women of color, the hardest thing to combat when it concerns makeup is getting concealers, foundations, and setting powders which work well on a darker skin. So most of the most ingenious makeup brands have only limited shade ranges that end just short of adding a collection of dark skin tones to their lineup. Luckily, there are some firms, however, that have acknowledged this need and have produced cosmetic lines solely for the different skin tones of women of color. Made in Trinidad and Tobago, Sacha is one of such brands.




Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder began to gain popularity with so many popular YouTube beauty experts comparing it to other setting powders. Sacha Buttercup Powder is a loose powder that oddly comes in just one shade, pale yellow, and this works for every skin tone. This Sacha powder is finely ground to smoothen the skin by filling in all fine lines and pores. It has unrivaled oil absorbing properties and gives the skin a soft matte finish. Packed in an ordinary container without a sieve, the Sacha Powder has been renowned as the ideal setting powder for the women of color.

What really makes the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder a power product is its superbly milled consistency. People who prefer Sacha powder over others claim that its texture feels like velvety and also melts into skin. Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder is also more user-friendly and gently enough for everyday wear.

The Buttercup is entirely flash-friendly, with a single shade for every skin tone and skin type. It can also be used to set concealer, highlight or it can be applied generously all over the full face. He powder does not produce a whitish cast or even turn ashy in very bright lighting or pictures, as with most other setting powders.

The Buttercup Powder absorbs the oil, reduces shine and also keeps the face matte for long hours. Since it is finely milled, it glides easily onto the skin and blends effortlessly. It softens the pores and fine lines, without looking caked.

How to use  Sacha Buttercup powder

Apply it with a powder brush or for setting your foundation for a sophisticated, matte finish. To use the powder, you first have to smear your foundation on your face, then apply the highlighter right under your cheek and eyes area. Also, apply the highlighter on the nose and around the forehead.

Next, How To Use Sacha Buttercup Powder: For women of color, the hardest thing to combat when it concerns makeup is getting concealers, foundat your Sacha setting powder on those areas that were previously highlighted and let it set for some minutes. After that, brush off the excess with a brush and blend properly. After doing all this and you’re happy with the blend, you can apply your facial powder gently around your face to set the foundation and on the other spots on your face and also blend to look the way you prefer it to look.

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