Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions


human hair extensions

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 What are human  hair extensions?

 Human hair extensions are made from hair of different quality. Some are even made from synthetic fibers with a feel of natural hair. Hair extensions made from a type called Virgin are real human hair, not treated in any way, and usually taken from the same donor.

Hair has a cuticle around the shaft which protects it. The cuticle of the hair is similar or the same for each person. Mixing hair from different donors can cause tangles since the cuticles are going in different directions and can grip each other and knot. Virgin hair is from a single donor and all the hair has a matching cuticle direction. Virgin human hair tangles less readily than mixed or synthetic hair.

Types of  human hair extensions.

 Human  hair extensions , can also sometimes be called Remy hair. This is virgin hair that has been processed. It may come from a single donor but it’s often bleached and straightened. It is used most commonly in extensions that will be attached as a clip or pre-made bun or braid.

The term virgin refers to the donor of the hair, meaning that it is from one person and is not processed. Virgin hair can also be further differentiated as a type or nationality such as Peruvian hair or Malaysian, Brazilian, and others. No matter what country or nationality it originated in, virgin  human hair extensions are always natural and unprocessed.

What is it good for?

 Virgin hair extensions are slightly more expensive than non-virgin but the cost is worth it for a look that requires loose and natural movement. Any longer type of extension that is meant to move around the neck or shoulders would benefit from being real virgin hair.

Since virgin hair is not processed and is in its natural state the way it was before it was cut, it will also look entirely natural and matched. There is always a little variation in natural hair, even in one person. This variation taken from one donor will look natural as opposed to a bleached and dyed-to-match non virgin hair batch.

High end processing can be done on mixed donor hair to match it in a natural way but any type of chemical process is going to cause damage and shorten the lifespan of your weave. Virgin hair from the same donor will have natural color variation and not need the addition of color.

Virgin hair is useful for all types of hair extensions and should be discussed with your stylist for whatever weave or wig you are interested in. It is often considered the highest grade of hair available due to the natural look. The look will very often outweigh the slightly higher cost of getting premium hair extensions.

Hair Grades


The hair market today offers many different grades of hair. Some grades of hair will last longer than others and a lower grade of hair will begin to loose its quality  after its been used couple of times . One of the lowest grades of hair on the market today is Indian human hair. This hair is the type of hair you will find in your local hair supplier, it’s the type of hair that looks good initially but with time the hair gets dry, matted and dull.

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