DIY IS Great But You Need A Pro Makeup Artiste and These Are 5 Reasons Why

Most people just go with what they are used to when it comes to their makeup which is mostly what they’ve learnt informally, from watching others around them, family, friends, or having someone do their first make up. A few people go further to learn some tips and tricks and try it on, incorporating it when they feel like it but not really understanding the basics or why behind them and how it applies to them.

One big no-no when it comes to DIY makeup is most people don’t understand their face and what’s best for it. They don’t know when to use what and how important it is to get the look right for different times, occasions or outfits.

Yes, there are also those who get it right by accident or through detailed research. Either way, DIY is fine, maybe even great for some especially when we’re talking everyday occasions afterall Pro Makeup Artists don’t come cheap and you can’t use them every time you have to do some makeup but when we start talking important occasions when you have to send a particular message or wear a certain look, it’s best to let the pros handle it and send you off with the hit look needed.

These are 5 reasons why you’d definitely need a Pro Makeup Artist:

  1. You need someone who has the knowledge of different faces and what enhances them beyond just generic understanding of makeup tricks, colours and palettes. You want to show the best features, accentuate your style and ideas and get the right message across. A Pro Makeup artist understands this and why it’s necessary in a way you, your family or girlfriends may not get. So, don’t try to save up so much on professional work that you end up with lesser than.

The professional makeup artists understand light, location and presentation: Pro makeup artists have experience doing makeup for people who have to appear before a camera. They understand how different locations affect your look, what your makeup will look like against the light and how to achieve the look and flawless finish you desire.

  1. They might be ultimately cheaper. With a pro makeup artist, you do not have to spend on products and this takes a huge chunk off if it’s a big occasion as you would usually have to spend on products to achieve the desired look and still might not get it quite right while spending about the same as it would cost to get a professional.

  2. It’s not as stressful. When you do your makeup yourself or have friends or family do it, unless you trust who’s doing it or they are really experienced, you spend the entire time wondering if they are getting it right and if everything will turn out alright. With a makeup artist, you get a trial session and can relax knowing that a professional is handling it and they know what they are doing. Nothing beats relaxing while being primed and ending up with the perfect look

  3. Professional makeup lasts longer. That’s a fact. DIY makeup never beats professional makeup in this regard. It must be some secret of the trade.

So, yeah, DIY is great and you can definitely go with that but sometimes, you also need the heavy Pro guns to pull off your stunning looks and if you want to get amazing tips you can hit us up on our social media pages Facebook , TwitterInstagram and Youtube.









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