It is the wish of everybody out there today to maintain a fabulous and healthy skin. Having a healthy skin is usually linked with feeling absolutely comfortable and beautiful from the inside out, from time to time these desires are unmet as we often have to deal with skin pigmentation. The skin colour is derived from a cell that produces certain pigments which are called melanocytes, this, in turn, produces melanin, melanin is tasked with giving the skin its colour. A damage to these pigments could be very harmful to the skin itself (damage could result from the melanocytes being unhealthy or being overworked), once damaged, the melanocytes begin to produce melanin in parts of the body in excess, this would lead to the darkening of those areas of the skin.                                                                                                                                                                                  Treating skin pigmentation

Exfoliating, Scrubs and Bleaching Products: In an attempt to beautify the skin many people make use of a lot of product like scrubs, exfoliating creams or bleaching products that result in flaky skin and dry skins, making their skins worse of. While making use of these products endeavour to follow the instructions appropriately and to select products designed for your specific skin type.

Perfumes: certain perfumes have been known to be indirect causes of skin pigmentation disorders, people with sensitive skin and skin allergies are more prone to suffer from skin pigmentation.

Make-up Products high in metals: some make-up products contain lead, silver, bismuth, arsenic, silver, and gold flakes, these chemical components are known to make the susceptibility of the skin to being affected by skin pigmentation.

Toxic hair removal products: hair removal products sometimes contain toxic chemicals which seep into the layers of the skin, these chemicals, in turn, causes skin pigmentation disorders.

Dealing with skin pigmentation disorders can be very tricky, a lot of remedies are floating around and one may be tempted to try every single one out, before applying any skin pigmentation solutions, it would be best to visit a skin care therapist. Skincare therapists would be a to carry out an accurate assessment. Every skin is unique in its own way and as such an individualized skin care regimen is a person’s best bet for treating skin pigmentation conditions.

In addition, skin pigmentation would typically involve a treatment therapy that is focused on treating the condition from inside-out, it would be best to combine oral and topical treatments.

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