Microdermabrasion! That sounds intimidating, but it’s actually something millions of people around the world embrace. In 2016 about 580,000 people went through this cosmetics procedure in America according to a report compiled by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Now you may wonder what’s microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is actually a non-surgical cosmetics procedure which involves the exfoliation of the layers of the skin by means of tiny crystals in order to make way for the rejuvenation of new, attractive and healthy skin. Microdermabrasion is used to remove acnes, wrinkles, scars, wide pores and lots more.

It is a gentler process compared to dermabrasion which is also an exfoliation procedure that involves removing the layers of the skin surgically. The seed of microdermabrasion was sown in ancient Egypt around the 1500 BCE when the Egyptians made use of sandpaper for promoting fading of scars. The 1900s saw the invention of the human powered rotating wheels for skin exfoliation which was rarely used, but by the 1950s the human powered tool was benched by the motorized wire brush for skin exfoliation making dermabrasion a cosmetics option exploited by the public, but still it came with its limitations notably the side effects.

Then in 1985 two Italian geniuses named Marina and Lo Brutto designed this effective method of skin exfoliation. It was acceptable by the public then quickly because it greatly addressed the side effects associated with demabrasion.  Lo Brutto released microdermabrasion into the US market thus cementing its reputation as a preferable choice for skin smoothening and exfoliation. Ever since then it has been used increasingly by individuals globally.

There currently exists a wide array of microdermabrasion machine in the market precisely over 100. Microdermabrasion is really a good method to make you look beautiful and healthy, but in practical terms before opting for this procedure there should be certain things you must know to get the best of this cosmetic procedure. I’ll be listing about three

  • Age: The age factor definitely is one you should consider become you agree to go for this procedure, while it works for people of all ages to get the best of it, it is advisable for you to be between the ages 35 – 50. Basically people in the early stages of ageing are more likely to enjoy the benefits microdermabrasion brings

  • Skin Condition: If your skin is infected with eczema, herpes, sunburns, lupus, bad acne. It is advisable for you to hold on taking the microdermabrasion process. It is also highly recommended you seek medical advice before exploring this option.

  • Sunlight and Moisture: Microdermabrasion procedure is one which denies the body of the much needed moisture during the days after the procedure so it is vital for you to make use of a skin moisture. Aside that after the procedure skin becomes sensitive to sunlight so you may have to avoid the sun for couple of days after the procedure.

Now that we now know that a little bit of caution is required become the microdermabrasion procedures, we shall delve into the huge advantage it brings along. Here they are;

  • Skin improvement: This the primary goal of microdermabrasion. Every individual who have gone through the microdermabrasion experience can testify that its makes them look younger. This is good news especially to individuals with large pores, acnes, scars etc.

  • Skincare Products Efficiency: Upon the removal of dead skin by the microdermabrasion procedure beauty product applied is absorbed by 50% by the skin. Thus making the skin looks healthier.

  • Blood flow: Blood flow to the skin is heightened upon the microdermabrasion procedure. This greatly beneficial because its helps improve the outlook of the skin making it look more attractive and bolstering the cells.

There are other ways the microdermabrasion procedure is beneficial to the skin, but in going about the experience it is highly recommended you speak to a dermatologist or specialist handling the process in order for optimal benefits to be attained.


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