Spots, dark circles and acne scars could become very worrisome and hard to cover up with makeup. Besides, everyone would pick having naturally clear skin without blemish than a properly made up face. Five way to deal with spots and scars are going to be mentioned in this article, and in addition to this, they have no side effects. The too five game changers in spot removal are:

  1. BEST AGE SPOT REMOVER: It is a product made mainly for older women with spots caused by age. This product contains hydroquinone as the main primary ingredient, and botanical or plant extracts like Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citric acid, hydrogenated vegetable oil, lavender oil, grape fruit extract and water. It should be applied to the part of the body with hyper pigmentation or dryness and spots immediately after its cleaned, which is most likely after a bath. It should also be applied twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. It takes about four to six weeks before results begin to show.

  1. KISS RED E: This is an anti-aging skin lightening cream, and is also a dark spot corrector for the face. It also moisturizes and can be used both day and night. It is applied to the skin after the skin has been washed and patted dry. It is used twice daily and during the day it is used alongside sunscreen or sunblock in order to protect the skin from sunburns. The ingredients in it are also lavender oil, aloe barbadensis, jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E, bergamot oil, and organic sunflower. If there are no visible results after three months, it is advised to discontinue usage.

  1. PINK MADISON: This dark spot corrector can be used for the face, hands and the entire body. It does not contain hydroquinone, which makes it more use friendly to people with darker skin tones. It also clears, brown spots, liver spots and natural age spots. It contains water, witch hazel, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, and grapefruit peel oil. It should be applied to the skin twice daily and should also be used alongside sunscreen of at least SPF 15.

  1. ADMIRE MY SKIN: This contains two percent hydroquinone, lactic acid, salicyclic acid and vitamin C. It is advised to test this product first on the skin before beginning use, because some people with very sensitive skin might experience mild irritation. After using the product for sixty days one would need to take a break for about thirty days, to allow the skin adjust so as not to cause permanent darkening of the skin.


  1. NATURAL SCIENCE LABS: This is made especially for scars, all sorts of scars whether acne, trauma, Caesarean Section, stretch marks and so on. It contains olive leaf extract, green tea extract, vitamin C, coconut and a lot more of organic and natural ingredients. It is used twice daily, and it is applied to recently cleansed skin. Also it should be used with sunscreen or sunblock. It is recommended that you wait two weeks after surgery or trauma before you start to apply this product but for older scars you can apply immediately.

All these products can be found on Amazon and are very affordable. Things like clear skin and removal or fading of scars will take time. One must remember to be patient and consistent with the use of their products. Cheers to healthy and younger looking skin.

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