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We are a London based professional hairstylist. Located in the southeast. We are also available to travel with over 10years of experience. Although we also do sew-in weaves, lace closures, handmade wigs, installation/styling, and bridal hair styling, etc.

 We are known all over the UK as the No 1 African hair braiding salon in the UK. People travel from far and near, for our sought after flawless braids and Senegalese twist in London UK. African hair braiding salons in London UK is not complete without us. We operate strictly by appointment in our private, relaxed, and comfortable environment.


 We are no.1 Senegalese twist specialist in London UK. If interested in our professional and affordable services, please contact us.

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Difference between Box braids and braids

Braids are one of the trendy hairstyles at the moment; everyone around the world is embracing braids, both old and young.

Including celebrities like Solange Knowles, Beyonce, Keri Hilson, Brandy, Monica, among others. People braid their hair for different reasons i.e., as a protective style for those who have natural or problem hair, low maintenance for people on holiday or busy schedules, new mums, students, etc.


But I strongly advise that people with thin hair should stay away from braids because it can make matters worst for them. If you must have them, it must be done by a professional whose fingers are soft.

Nowadays, the extended waist braids are the trendiest of them all, the longer, the sexier and chic it looks, this way you can still have a low maintenance hair and still look stylish for any occasion. There are different ways you can style them for those who want to have fun with their braids.

Because of the confusion between box braids and braids.

Now let’s talk about the difference between box braids and braids!

Box braids are referred to those braids that are parted in square forms like tiles; box braids can also be referred to braids that are chunky or thin and spacious where you can see your scalp when tied in a bun, and they can be braids that are in a particular pattern. To avoid the scalp to show you can use plenty of hair extension and make it chunky, this can be very heavy.

While Braids can be any braids but generally, they are generally small to medium in size, close together and full. And you use less braiding hair. Braids are usually parted in the arch, or anyhow there is no particular pattern, but they are complete that no scalp show through when you tie in a bun.

This one is more easy and fun to style because of the size and fullness. This is the most popular one of them all.


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box braids london

box braids london





box braids london

box braids london


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