1.The £20 in appointment booking—-the £20 in appointment booking is for deposit to secure your slot ,if you did not deposit i can cancel your appointment at any time cos there is no commitment.

2.Is the £20 Refundable when you cancel?—-NO

3.Why do your prepare extension a nite before?—–To save waiting time.

4.how long do single braids take ?——– 5 to 8hours depending on lenght and thickness

5.Do you do home service?-–yes ITS twice the price of normal price and you need to deposit 1/3 of the total price to book.

6.Are you a hairdresser or a makeup artist?——“Am a beautician” ,i do hair,makeup,makeup shopping,skincare advice,hair advice and everything beauty related.

7.Did you learn hair and makeup ?—–No i dint learn ,its a passion and creativity ! but to improve my skills  i went to London school of health and beauty .

8.How long have you been a “Beautician”?—–from when i was 1oyrs old  but  professionally been a beautician for 8yrs .

9.Do you have a saloon or you work from home/mobile ?——I use to work in the saloon but am currently working from home/mobile and mobile .

10.what are your  specialization-—-long weave fitting ,side or full fringe weave fitting ,wig making, braids,Senegalese twist,cornrows,hair coloring ,hair relaxing,makeup,skincare,foundation matching ,bridal hairstyling.

11.  Makeup booking? —-need to be booked in advance

12.do you charge for makeup trial —–Yes

13.Is your hair original —-yes its 100% virgin hair

14.whats your shipping rate?—–shipping is free

15.Do you take pics of all your work—–Noo only when i can

16.Are you a photographer?—am aspiring

17.Can i book a foundation matching appointment?—YES!  book full face makeup on appointment page



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