Makeup Services

About the beauticianchic makeup services ,Here are  all you need to know  About The Beauticianchic Makeup Services :



  1. You need to book on time ahead of your date to avoid any inconveniences.

  2. Our makeup price list can be found HERE

  3. All home services or call out charge are more expensive because we charge for -Transport fare ,transport time ,inconveniences, our time ,and home service charge.

  4. Although we use other makeup brands but majority of our products are from Mac cosmetics  

  5. We are based in Catford London ,so we charge extra for far distance and of course even more for international bookings.

  6. We offer trail makeup on  request before the day of service ,and also charge extra for trails.

  7. We offer beauty/image consultation of how you want to look on the day ,your ideas are also  welcome.

  8. We offer  Hair installation,Hairstyling ,makeup and also head wrap(gele) so you have made the best choice, one stop studio .

  9. We highly recommend you exfoliate ,cleans and moisturise face starting 2 weeks before the date ,avoid applying  foundation/makeup  on face 2 weeks prior and also exfoliate and moisturise your lips. To achieve a flawless finish.

  10. Good sleep, rest and plenty of water is advised especially a night before the day .This will  affect your overall look on the day.

  11. We are blessed to have 100s of enquiries daily, as such we would not keep a date without a  deposit.

  12. 40% deposit is required to book and save your date. This deposit is not refundable if you cancel.

  13. full payment is required at least 2days before the service date .we do not accept payment a day after

  14. We normally require 2hours of your time for makeup only and 3hours for hair styling and makeup.

  15. For hair installation ,you have to come to us 2 days before the day .

  16. We normally arrive 15mins before the service time for set ups.

  17. please be ready for us at the agreed time.

  18. Any delay especially when your booking is not an  all day service ,you  will be charged extra.

  19. Time spent after end of scheduled appointment time will also be charged.

  20. Any extra service for any relation,friend or husband that wasn’t in your invoice or booking will be charged.

  21. Please do not ask us to powder your  husband face or children  face  if that  is not part of your booking.we will charge for that service .

  22. For makeup booking involving group of people or bridal party ,we come with assistants .

  23. If your not dressing from the hotel, make sure your dressing room is very bright and  have a display table ,its for your  convenient .

  24. Please make sure your dressing room is not crowded.

  25. If you have children ,you might consider getting childcare for that day to avoid disturbance ,so you are relaxed to be pampered.

  26. Please if your party is strictly by invitation don’t forget your makeup artist has to have a seat lol.

Thanks for your cooperation

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